How to Make the Best Use of Market Intelligence ? 🖥


To find out all you need about the structure, development and agility of a business raising capital, you need to keep a regular watch to stay informed of the latest news.

Poorly organized marketing intelligence can be a huge timewaster for founders and their teams.
So, to help you, we’ve put together a non-exhaustive list of tools and magazines to keep on your desk or in your favorites tab !

Feedly : This is our fave at XYZ. Get the lowdown in 30 minutes of all the latest information related to your business activity.


Encore magazine: Step into a world of encounters and great stories shared by entrepreneurs in fascinating interviews.


Maddyness: The magazine dedicated to French startups.


Startupeers: A webzine for entrepreneurs to discover new tools and help them during the growth phase of a startup.


Shareable: An international website for researching the success stories of startups around the world, with toolkits and events.


Dynamique Mag: A magazine that gives startup founders a helping hand.


And finally, check out the Ted Talks ‘Social Good’ playlist on Spotify — a fast and easy way to stay informed!