How to work efficiency as a digital project manager ?

digital project manager

1.    Role

The project manager must identify the business needs so that they can write the design brief.
They coordinate the various skills and resources in order to identify the deliverables.

In a few words, the digital project manager:

-       Coordinates
-       Organizes
-       Manages budgets
-       Advises
-       Delivers high-quality projects.


2.    Project management is an acquired skill

In order to be productive, digital project managers need technical, organizational and interpersonal skills.
They must have a basic understanding of programming languages such as CSS and HTML, good management techniques and solid digital marketing skills in order to fully grasp the issues at stake.
They must also demonstrate analytical skills, knowledge of the digital world and open-mindedness.
This versatility is what makes it possible to successfully conduct projects and produce great results.

Diplomacy and human qualities are essential to understanding the requirements and priorities of each person; this creates a good team relationship.


3.    Continuous skills improvement

Never sit back on your laurels is the motto to adopt. The digital world has a lot to offer and evolves constantly.

Technology is continuously progressing and digital project managers must be curious and keen to learn in order to keep up to date and always offer new ideas.

This progress boosts personal development while offering the opportunity to share ideas, so that you’re up to speed with the latest trends, meaning you can be as innovative as possible.


4.    The agile management methodology

Digital project managers are moving away from traditional methodologies towards new work methods, such as the agile methodology. Processes no longer hinder progress, and everyone can contribute their knowledge and ideas.

Agile managers wave goodbye to strict rules to be followed to the letter; they accept unexpected events and changes throughout a project’s implementation. Project elements aren’t fixed in advance, but updated at each stage of the project’s progress.

More transparency within the team and with the client, greater personal contribution from everyone involved and also more flexibility are the advantages of this way of working.  A number of tools are available to save time, reinforce team spirit and simplify processes.

-       Stay informed with marketing intelligence tools like Feedly, which provides you with the latest news on whichever industries interest you, and saves time.

-       Manage schedules and provide visibility with solutions that are easy to use, such as TeamGantt.

-       Coordinate and obtain rapid replies from the various teams that are working together using Slack instant messenger.

-       Keep a record of the work done and create discussions on a project with Evrybo, a simulation and annotation system.

In other words, digital project managers are the link between business expertise and developers.