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XYZ : Startup Booster
Combining communications with business intelligence

"The idea for XYZ for Startups came to me while talking to founder of a well known startup, one of the best success story.
In fact, he’s more than a friend, he’s family!

There was a space on the market for a new player that could combine business intelligence, communications, digital brand content, metrics and performance to help boost growth for startups and any other business going through transformation, to help them accelerate and go further, without complicated strategies. The goal is to create agility and accessibility.

I identified a team of entrepreneurial minds to come and join this exciting human adventure, and it’s positively taking off!

Every day is a new day, we’re rooted in the here and now while looking to the future to go further. We work with enthusiasm together with our startup founder friends and CEOs of the biggest investment funds in this field.

XYZ for Startups aims to help facilitate your projects and help you catch your breath.
Our Innovation Lab is also at the ready to redesign the world we live in and make it a more fun, admirable and appealing place to be!"

Jean-François Le Rochais
president - founder



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